December 13, 2011

Hey! Marvel brings Dark Phoenix back -- yet again!

Via FCMM: It'll be the X-Men against the Avengers for the fate of the Phoenix!

Cyclops, Wolverine, Magneto and the other X-Men want to protect her and prepare her if she's to be the new Phoenix. Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and their fellow Avengers want her handed over to them so they can figure out what to do with her and keep the world safe from a potentially fiery fate.

Suffice it to say, tensions and fisticuffs arise.

Boy, how original. In other words, let's drag out the basic plot of 1980's X-Men #137 through a twelve issue mini-series, with the Avengers in the place of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Please. At least back then, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter realized that the Phoenix force was way too powerful for a human (even a super-powered mutant) to contain, and thus overrode creators Chris Claremont and John Byrne who had desired a plot similar to the one noted above. Shooter demanded that Phoenix be executed for her crimes (she had destroyed a star system in the Shi'ar Empire) rather than be rehabilitated.

*Sigh* Yet another reason I do not purchase comics anymore.

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