December 03, 2011

Obama "tosses out" Bush-era college diversity policies

This certainly comes as little surprise if you've been at all following the racialist nonsense of the current administration over the last three years. No need to dissect the contradictory inanity of it all (again), but once again just consider the following:

1) "Diversity," that ever-nebulous concept, has no proven effect on academic achievement, and

2) how ridiculous is the following in the article (ways to "legally" increase college diversity):

They could also "select high schools for partnership" based, among other things, on "racial composition of the school’s student body" and former partnerships with historically black colleges and universities"

As we've noted numerous times, if diversity is such a hallowed concept -- to be enacted at all costs -- then why do we even maintain "historically" black colleges anymore? How is it "diverse" to have a student that is predominately black?

Once again, educational "progressives" perpetually contradict themselves in their constant worship at the altar of diversity and political correctness. And if you question their beliefs, just like the heretics of old, you'll be [metaphorically] burned at the stake.

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I sort of agree about HBC. Like single-gender colleges, I think they'll eventually disappear of their own accord, though the history there makes it a bit more complicated than the gender ones.

Honestly, I never really thought of academic-related benefits being the point of diversity. In my experience, it's the simple idea of "positive exposure = understanding and acceptance."

The evidence is everywhere. Why was President Bush "soft" on the illegal immigrant/path to citizenship issue? Because of his personal exposure --- the woman he cared for very much (I forget her name) who was a nanny to his children.

Do we really think Dick and Lynne Cheney would be gay rights advocates if their daughter hadn't been gay? Right-wing parents and family members everywhere are showing compassion and understanding, like the Cheneys, like Laura Ingraham, like the GOP mayor of San Diego a few years ago. And that's really what diversity is about. Exposure. When you know someone, it's a lot harder to hate. And, I think it's safe to argue, this is why the religious right in particular hates diversity. They want to push us back into the days where Liberace was "just a little funny," and no one was emboldened to be who they truly are.

BTW, I agree with what you've said in the past about colleges using the same standards for political diversity that they use for racial/sexual diversity. As long as those on both sides are civil and within the bounds of reasonable decorum, of course.

Posted by: dan at December 6, 2011 05:55 PM

dan: The problem is that colleges make diversity a prominent priority, when in truth it's just a superficial concern. See my recent post about the U. of Delaware. The president there says diversity is no good unless people interact with one another. But ... who's he to tell me who I must interact with? And make no mistake -- that's what UD will do -- design programs that will make students interact, whether they want to or not. This is, after all, the same university who designed and implemented the ridiculously intrusive "Residence Life" program.

Posted by: Hube at December 7, 2011 09:16 AM