November 30, 2011

Update on Philly school super who applied for unemployment

Following up on yesterday's post, Tom Blumer over at Newsbusters has some interesting info on Arlene Ackerman's unemployment claim:

... from Matt Petrillo at Philadelphia Weekly just three weeks ago. It began thusly: "Itís been 11 weeks since the School Reform Commission unanimously voted to fire public school boss lady Arlene Ackerman." A quick visit to the relevant page at the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry would appear to indicate that Ackerman should not get unemployment benefits, and that it shouldn't matter whether the district contests her claim:
Who Can File for Benefits

Any individual who has become unemployed may file an application for UC benefits. Eligibility to receive those benefits will be dependent on whether the worker meets the various requirements specified in the Pennsylvania UC Law.

... To be Eligible to Receive Benefits

A worker may be eligible to receive benefits if the worker
- is unemployed through no fault of the worker;

So if you were fired, you can't collect benefits, because it's your fault (nebulous or not) that you don't have a job.

Here's hoping the state will put its foot down on this pompous idiot's claim -- the sooner, the better.

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