November 30, 2011

Tell "her side of the story?"

ABC's Georgie Stephanopoulis nailed down an interview with the latest Herman Cain accuser -- Ms. Ginger White -- and when Steph asked her why she decided to come out with this revelation now, here was her response:

I wanted to come out with this to tell- to tell my side of the story. I came out being very honest. And, so far, I have been absolutely humiliated, embarrassed, and I look at the women who came out with, you know, the sexual harassment allegations. And, you know, we're really comparing apple to oranges. But, it's been very, very hurtful. I feel their pain. This is a completely different scenario. But I'll be honest with you, it's not been fun. And, you know, have I had financial problems? Absolutely.

"Her side of the story?" But ... Cain never even brought up his side of it (if there even is one)! He never mentioned it at all, let alone hinted at it! YOU came out of the woodwork, Ms. White. So, 1) spare us your protestations about being "humilated," and 2) don't dare wonder why many people are doubting your sincerity.

As you may know, Herman Cain never was my favorite GOP candidate; however, either show some freakin' concrete proof that he is the over-sexed ogre that you (and others) say he is, or STFU. Period.

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