November 23, 2011

They "care"

Since only 1.6% of OWSers are black (but remember -- it was the Tea Party which only featured white faces), what are guilty "progressive" OWSers to do to rectify this intolerable situation? Why, organize an Occupy the Hood group:

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Occupy Austin announced on their Facebook page an event tomorrow that they have dubbed “Occupy the Hood”. Similar “Occupy the Hood” events will take place in cities around the country.

Occupy Austin organizers are promising to address African-American issues.

“We need a large turnout of angry, upset, pissed-off citizens to come out and join us in saying that it is time to put the people FIRST and to insure equal access to opportunity.”

But the choice of the name “Occupy the Hood” isn’t sitting well with some Occupy Austin supporters.

African-American Jessica Brown wrote on the Occupy Austin Facebook page, “I think the first thing to ensure African-American issues are addressed is not to call it Occupy the hood, not all african americans live in the “hood” or “ghetto”.

Aw, c'mon Jessica! These are progressives. You know they mean well!! They want to help you and your fellow African-Americans, don't you know that? Just as long as you never forget that you need their help (and always will), everything will be just peachy with them. Dare to think differently, and, well, just look at how "progressives" treat people like Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele and the like.

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""Occupy The Hood"? Sounds mighty RACIST to me.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at November 23, 2011 10:30 PM