November 13, 2011

Idiots deluxe

The Occupy Delaware movement still is garnering too much coverage from the state's largest paper. Yesterday, about 100 OWSers marched in front of several banks. Let's take a look:

About 100 Occupy Delaware protesters marched through downtown on Saturday, stopping in front of several banks to shout their frustrations over inequality, corporate greed and political corruption.

"Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!" they chanted in front of Bank of America.

"The people, united, will never be defeated!" they yelled at PNC Bank and Citizens Bank.

Um, if the banks got bailed out, why aren't you protesting those who bailed them out -- namely, the Washington politicians??

[Jen] Wallace said she joined the movement over frustration for her 20-year-old daughter, who is in college.

"My husband and I told her to go to college and you'll get a good job," Wallace said. "I'm not so sure that's true anymore."

So, in other words, you're out here protesting your right to be a complete moron. Who tells their kid that going to college automatically means a "good job?" Y'know, there are many other facets involved in that ... like motivation, hard work, common sense and intelligence. All of which, it may be, mom and dad lack.

Bernie August of Newark said he was most concerned about the threat of nuclear weapons and "the machines of war." He wore a Soviet Union pin on his black beret and a Malcolm X pin on his fleece vest. He calls himself "a red" but doesn't consider himself a Communist.

"I'm a working guy, and the red represents the blood of the working man," August said.

Or, it represents the blood of the millions of victims of Communism, you friggin' idiot. God, get a clue.

Tony Vodvarka, 72, of Hartly said he's been donating to the Occupy Delaware movement, but Saturday's march was his first rally with the group. He said he came with his wife and sister to protest "the hijacking of the government by the banking corporations and the looting of the treasury."

And again, whose fault would that be, Tony? See the response to quote one, above.

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Joan Baez shows up at OWS. “She’s a war hero who served in Vietnam, I think,” said 19-year-old Luke Fields. No, Luke -- she actually worked on the first A-bomb and even flew the plane which dropped the second one on Hiroshima. Ye, gad.

Occupy Portland (OR) shutting down after another drug overdose.

A Denver high school teacher brings her students to participate in the Occupy mess. It's a $14K/year private school, too. Get your money back, parents.

Occupy Hahvad keeps it in-house. The 1% protesting themselves to make themselves feel good. Typical libs.

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the best part of all this is the NJ sending out their reporters to get quotes for a story they want to keep pushing and the reporters are so dense they get quotes to show the over stupidity. some questions i would have liked a follow up to: what is your daughters major? hijacking denotes violence, i am pretty sure your government willing went along with the banks wishes, especially after they got their money first, dont you think? hey bernie, how'd that whole soviet union thing work out for ya?

this isnt a ooordinated protest, its people with nothing better to do with their time who are mad other people made better decisions then they did.

Posted by: arthur at November 13, 2011 09:53 AM

Arthur got it right:

this isn't a coordinated protest, its people with nothing better to do with their time who are mad other people made better decisions then they did.

Remember Al Capp's "SWINE," Students Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything? William Bernstein suggested that it should really mean Students Wildly Ignorant about Nearly Everything. :)

The fleabaggers know that they are angry, and they (somehow) know that their condition really, really, really isn't their fault, but they haven't the faintest idea what to do about it, given that the things our esteemed host suggested -- motivation, hard work, common sense and intelligence -- are outside their paradigm.

If you have a Masters of Fine Arts in puppetry, you just might have to take a substitute teacher's job instead; if you majored in English literature, you might have to work at McDonald's or -- {Heaven forfend!] -- do manual labor.

Posted by: Dana at November 13, 2011 01:10 PM