November 10, 2011

Dopey Letter of the Week

Rus Slawter of Philly is a dope. Here's why:

I FOUND IT almost humorous that conservative talk-show host Dom Giordano stated that most of his callers are upset that Herman Cain is being picked on so much. They claim that President Clinton was not picked on like that.

First off, these Cain women were paid to keep the issue quiet. Second, I guess these people had their heads buried in the sand when their people spent millions of our tax dollars trying to have [Clinton] impeached. Clinton got [oral sex] from a consenting adult. Is that worse than sexual harassment?

Hey dope -- the issue is not Monica Lewinsky. It's 1) Paula Jones. 2) Juanita Broaddrick. And 3) Kathleen Willey. How much did the MSM care about these women, Rus? How much did it care that Clinton operatives like James Carville referred to them (well, Jones at any rate) as "trailer park trash?"

Answer: Not much. So spare us the phony comparisons.

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