November 10, 2011

Our mainstream media at "work"

Penn State fired Joe Paterno last night as head coach of the football team, after over 40 years in the position. At today, we read the following:

And this is just at one MSM website!

Now, question: Did these same MSM outlets feature similar headlines about the Occupy protests going on across the country? Hell, no. Even at one of the most violent and destructive OWS protests -- Oakland, CA -- we read all sorts of "clarifiers" about the participants ... like "after a day of mostly peaceful rallies against economic inequality and police brutality," and "Although windows at two bank branches and a Whole Foods store were broken and graffiti was painted inside one of the banks, officials described the protests as peaceful and orderly ..."

The fact is that there are plenty of people -- associated with Penn State and otherwise -- who feel the Paterno firing was entirely justified and who feel the protesters are way off base. Were there any such "clarifiers" in the current Penn State articles like those about the OWSers? Not that I see, especially in this column. The things written in this could easily be said about the OWSers -- of which there are many, many more -- but haven't. Is it because the OWSers have a "more legitimate" gripe? Perhaps, but who is the MSM to decide that? Isn't it a legitimate view that Paterno is being made something of a fall guy for the entire Penn State institution, especially given what few facts the public actually has about the whole case at present? Sure it is, but it isn't as "correct" as having a beef against perceived "economic inequality" and "corporate greed" now, is it? And most especially since Paterno and the main perpetrator Jerry Sandusky are -- GASP! -- Republicans!!

UPDATE: Local media are doing the same thing. Here's's headline today: State police, angry students clash at Penn State. And cripes -- just check out the photo gallery. The first twenty-five or so pictures are exclusively of student-police clashes. Have we seen that with OWSers? Cheeyeah, right.

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I had no idea Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky were Republicans...did that come up in any of the stories about them? Maybe I just never caught it or did sufficient due diligence.,I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.....although from what I've heard, the powers that be wanted to get rid of Joepa and thought he was long overdue for retirement...the man looks great for someone in his eighties...I would have never guessed he was that age..both of these incidents, however, appear to be a setup by the media..your finding similarities is an amazing bit of analysis..I wouldn't have made that comparison...k

Posted by: Kristen McFarland at November 17, 2011 11:58 PM