November 03, 2011

This is what they support

Keep in mind the logo here at left. This is the current logo of the LGOMB -- the Local Gaggle of Moonbat Bloggers -- demonstrating support for the OWSers. Demonstrating support for this:

Police in riot gear clashed with protesters in Oakland in the early morning hours on Thursday, firing tear gas to disperse demonstrators lingering in the streets after a day of mostly peaceful rallies against economic inequality and police brutality.

The clash and standoff came only hours after protesters shut down the Port of Oakland late Wednesday.

The confrontation, which erupted after midnight, appeared aimed at preventing the protesters from expanding their foothold in the streets around a public plaza that has become a hub for demonstrations in the northern California city.

Hmm, that doesn't sound too bad ... but that is from MSNBC, so consider the wording: "mostly peaceful rallies ..." "Against economic inequality and police brutality." So, let's take another gander:

The confrontation began after protesters started a large bonfire in the middle of a downtown street. Dozens of police in riot gear moved in on hundreds of protesters as the flames leapt more than 15 feet in the air from several large metal and plastic trash bins that had been pushed together.

Although windows at two bank branches and a Whole Foods store were broken and graffiti was painted inside one of the banks, officials described the protests as peaceful and orderly and said no arrests had been made.

Hmm, OK, that was the AP. It totally downplays the violence against these businesses with the clarifier "although." So, let's try elsewhere:

A roving group of about 100 mostly young men broke from the main group of protesters in a central plaza and roamed through downtown streets spraying graffiti, burning garbage and breaking windows. The police said some in the group briefly occupied a building on 16th Street near the port.

Some of the protesters blocked entrances to branches of Chase and Wells Fargo banks shouting: “Banks got bailed out. We got sold out.”

That was the NY Times! Who'da thought?

The point being: If these people were Tea Partiers, would these MSM outlets take such pains to point out the "mostly peaceful" aspects of their rallies? And would the LGOMB be so proud as to hang a banner in support of them?

Just so you know.

Meanwhile, in a big flip, the American public is getting fed up with the OWSers:

A new poll from Quinnipiac University finds that more Americans view the Occupy Wall Street protests unfavorably than positively.

Just 30 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the protests, while 39 percent do not. Among independent voters, the spread is 29-42 against — a warning sign for Democrats who are trying to bring the movement into the mainstream.

Last month, a CNN poll found that 32 percent of Americans supported the movement, while 29 percent viewed it unfavorably.

It was easy to sympathize with the complaints of the OWSers, especially at the onset (big corporations getting bailed out, their execs getting insane bonuses, etc.); however, as I knew was inevitable, the more radical elements of the protesters couldn't contain themselves and have resorted to vandalism and violence.

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