October 31, 2011

Progressive racism

They just can't help themselves, it seems. Once again, the Local Gaggle of Moonbat Bloggers (LGOMB) shows what racists they are by not granting Herman Cain the presumption of innocence regarding past allegations of sexual harassment:

Mitt Romney is the luckiest son of a bleep since I can remember. He has no credible oppoenents in the GOP primary. And the incredible ones are destroying themselves so that he wins by default.

But then again maybe not. Cain has begun a push back by of course attacking the messenger and attacking the mainstream media, which means that the story is 100% accurate and probably worse than we know.

The scary aspect of this statement is that author Delaware Douche is an attorney, and he's stating outright that the allegations in the Politico article are spot-on. Funny how a black man doesn't get your typical constitutional "prove him guilty" protections that others get, according to the LGOMB. In addition, if the mainstream media (according to DD) is so believable, then what about the case of John Edwards? Why didn't they do its job with him? Why did the MSM find itself "catching up" to a tabloid like the National Enquirer to report the story of Edwards' dalliances and subsequent love child? Or, did it not need to catch up ... but merely -- finally -- release the information they had been sitting on for months?

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On what rational, factual basis is Delaware Dem stating that the allegations are 100% accurate?

*this is me laughing* Delaware Dem being rational or caring about facts? Hah!

Posted by: mike w. at October 31, 2011 04:00 PM

I was much more offended by the priss Bob Schieffer. Then again, Cain should have told him he was a priss instead of largely accomodating him. But I was even more offended at Cain's lack of presumption of innocence about Occupy's purportedly indolent and envious prototypical

Posted by: patr at November 1, 2011 03:06 PM