October 30, 2011

The problem is a lawyer, not Muslims

Hube blogged a while back about a complaint filed against Catholic University of America claiming that its display of crucifixes was discriminatory against Muslim students. Fortunately, this complaint seems to be the work of a legal professor at another university with too much time on his hands, rather than a sign that Muslim students are actually this crazy. (Source)

The President of CUA sent an email to the students, faculty and staff of CUA part of which is excerpted below:

The fact is that no Muslim student at Catholic University has registered a complaint with the University about the exercise of their religion on campus. And today we learned from an article in the Washington Post that Mr. Banzhaf himself has not received any complaints from our Muslim students. Instead, according to today’s Washington Post, he based his complaint on an article that appeared in that newspaper in December 2010. Contrary to the impression Mr. Banzhaf would like to create, the December 2010 Post article spoke in overwhelmingly positive terms about the experience of Muslim students at Catholic University, and explained why they are attracted to us. A considerable part of the attraction stems from the fact that our community, because of its own outward expressions of Catholic faith, makes them feel comfortable living their faith among us. The evidence bears this out. Since 2007 our Muslim enrollment has more than doubled, from 56 to 122.

(You can view the whole email at the link above.)

The National Catholic Register reports that even CAIR views the whole to-do as a non-issue:

Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, called the crucifix complaint “a non-issue.”

“Muslims pray all the time in various locations,” Hooper told EWTN News. “A Muslim can pray anywhere, practically, from a bus station to a classroom to a cubicle at work.”

Hooper acknowledged that distracting images are present in many locations, but said that they should not prevent Muslims from focusing on their prayers.

“These kinds of things occur every day,” he said.

“Particularly at a Catholic institution, you would assume that there would be Catholic symbols in locations throughout the university.”

Hooper does believe that Muslim students at Catholic University should be permitted to have an organization on campus if other religious groups are allowed to. But he believes that the issue can be dealt with through dialogue rather than legal action.

“American Muslims have very good relations with the Catholic community,” he noted.

The professor who originated the complaint has a well-deserved reputation for self-promotion and attention-grabbing lawsuits. There's a (poorly-designed) website devoted to his history of attention-seeking, including a propensity for choosing license plates spelling out some form of "Sue the Bastards".

So this isn't a case of hyper-sensitive/trouble-making students, but yet one more example of a self-promoting lawyer attempting to make trouble where none existed.

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We Catholics are just plain naive when we let these libruls into our universities where they push and push their far left policies. Libruls have made Georgetown into a joke. I won't forget the sight of the Catholic symbols covered up because Obama was giving a speech there.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at October 30, 2011 07:06 PM

Yeah, I heard this idiot at the tail-end of Hannity's show on Friday. Jay Sekulow was cleaning his clock, but he just kept insisting how "correct" and "just" he was, when he wasn't insulting Jay.

Posted by: Hube at October 30, 2011 09:36 PM