October 29, 2011

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

Jean P. Skibinski of Newark thinks we need to "take back" our nation, and that the Occupy movement is the way to do it:

Occupy Delaware is the epitome of democracy in action. Groups in all three counties are cooperating and supporting one another. I applaud the members across this nation for standing up to the greedy banksters and the corporatist manipulators who have taken over our democracy and turned it into a plutocracy.

Those we voted to represent us have become traitors and have been bought by the almighty dollar. We need a revolution to take our country back for its citizens. The choice is a violent revolution or peaceful and intelligent revolution promoted by the Occupy movement.

Hey, who remembers when the usual "progressives" and MSM asked derisively about the Tea Party "Take the country back from whom?" with the implication that it needed to be taken back because a black man is president? So ... from whom do we need to take it back now?

And "peaceful and intelligent?" Looks like Jean ain't keeping up on current events. Intelligent? Uh huh. Peaceful? Yeah, right.

And so it goes ...

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