October 29, 2011

Tea Party vs. O.W.S.

Bluegrass Pundit has the details:

That would be months compared to days. Further:

So does the disparity in coverage mean Occupy is getting special treatment? Maybe, suggests the report. On CBS, NBC and ABC, most of the interview sound bites ó 109 clips, or 87 percent ó were from either protesters or supporters of Occupy, whereas only 6 percent were critical of the movement. Morning-show coverage has also been favorable, with seven guests expressing sympathy for protesters and none opposing or criticizing them. We donít seem to remember the tea party getting such good press.

This should surprise no one but, of course, there are the usual suspects out there still believing that MSM liberal bias is a "myth," and that the OWS movement isn't "any worse" than the Tea Party with regards to behavior -- it's everyone else's fault (like the police) that there has been sporadic violence and rioting. Both are ridiculously laughable (especially when the uber-liberal Mother Jones proves such), but who ever said that will stop THE NARRATIVETM?

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