October 07, 2011

"Crazy" Larry O'Donnell lectures Herman Cain

... about "sitting on the sidelines" during the nascent civil rights movement in the 50s and early 60s ... forgetting that he admitted he does precisely the same thing for the reason Cain's father told Cain. Check it:

Where do you think black people would be sitting on the bus today if Rosa Parks had followed your fatherís advice [for Herman not to make trouble if told to sit in the back of the bus; my note, Cain was 9 years old at the time of Parks' act of defiance.]

You watched black college students from around the country and white college students from around the country come to the south and be murdered, fighting for the rights of African-Americans; do you regret sitting on the sidelines at that time?

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So, Crazy Larry chides Mr. Cain, yet admitted himself that he doesn't criticize radical Muslims like he should ... because he fears for his life:

HUGH HEWITT: Would you say the same things about Mohammed as you just said about Joseph Smith?

O'DONNELL: Oh, well, Iím afraid of what theÖthatís where Iím really afraid. I would like to criticize Islam much more than I do publicly, but Iím afraid for my life if I do.

HEWITT: Well, thatís candid.

O'DONNELL: Mormons are the nicest people in the world. Theyíre not going to everÖ

HEWITT: So you can be bigoted towards Mormons, because theyíll just send you a strudel.

O'DONNELL: Theyíll never take a shot at me. Those other people, Iím not going to say a word about them.

Nothing like an admitted socialist like O'Donnell lecturing a black man on what he "should have done" during the civil rights movement when he was a minor and a young college student (because, in part, he feared violence), yet is afraid to do his job as an adult because he fears for his life.

What a sanctimonious hypocritical a-hole.

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