October 06, 2011

Today's Occupy Wall Street Moment

As mentioned previously, just imagine -- IMAGINE -- if Tea Partiers had done even a fraction of what these rancid wannabe hippies are currently doing. For weeks -- months -- the lamestream media scoured and dissected Tea Party gatherings for the most minute appearances of "hate," "racism" and the like; however, with these "Occupy" movements, one doesn't even have to try to find all that ... and more:

Ironically (and hilariously), the vast majority of these protesters appear to be white. Does that inherently make them, like the MSM always asked about the Tea Party, "racist?"

And then there's the politicians who embrace these cretins.

I wonder, why is it that these unwashed dolts can't do what they claim they want back -- participatory democracy? Why don't they expend their energies like the Tea Party did and elect people into office who will help effect the change they want? The Tea Party was quite successful, after all -- they helped turn the House from Democrat to Republican. This, despite the outrageous ogres the minions in the MSM perpetually made them out to be.

Hell, I know why the hippies won't do what the Tea Party did: Because they know deep down that they'll be unsuccessful. If they even remotely believe that demands such as these are shared by a sizable portion of the American public, then they're as deranged as they are filthy. This is why they have to cause the ruckus they do, because the fact is that everyday Americans couldn't give a sh** about their beliefs and demands. Somehow they think screaming, yelling, protesting, blocking traffic, getting arrested, and carrying pickets will "open people's eyes."

Good luck with that.

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