October 01, 2011

Welcome to the world of Orwell

The Society of Professional Journalists has acted on behalf of fans of George Orwell everywhere (h/t to John J. Miller):

The Society of Professional Journalists, hearing an emotional plea from Rebecca Aguilar, a member of SPJ and of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, voted Tuesday to recommend that newsrooms discontinue using the terms "illegal alien" and "illegal immigrant." The resolution from the 7,800-member organization says only courts can decide when a person has committed an illegal act.

Aguilar argued that using those words insulted Latinos and all those who are or had once been in the United States illegally. She used the example of her mother, who became a "proud American" in 1980. Her mother felt insulted "every time she heard that word," Aguilar said of the phrase "illegal alien."

Get it? The terms would be insulting to ... people who ARE in the United States illegally! Saying precisely what these people are ... is insulting! One can only imagine what other sorts of manipulative lingo will be thought up by these politically correct peons. We won't be able to use "convicted felon" because a person has already served his time? Or is insulting to him? What should we call him -- a "formerly incarcerated bad choice maker"?

Is it any wonder why the American public more and more despises the media? We're dealing with this sort of politically correct nonsense locally, too.

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There's a perfectly good term out there that rhymes with "jet black" that we go back to using, and which would do away completely with the question of legality, documents, and immigrant vs. alien. Would that make Aguilar and the rest of the race hos happy?

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at October 1, 2011 10:38 AM