October 01, 2011

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

The Rev. Horacio Delano Lewis of Newark, like way too many "progressives," likes to talk the talk about violence and the value of human life; however, a certain thing called abortion never seems to enter into that equation:

With the rampant disregard of human life exemplified by wars, gang activity, animosity, revenge and greed, I ask for detente and the acknowledgement that only God decides life and death. I am indignantly appalled to read of global disrespect for what God has designed. The thought of hurting or in any way destroying a fellow human, even when attacked, unnerves me, since we are all unique, sacred spiritual beings who exist through the will and grace of a supreme power I call God.

People are not given the right to harm God's children; only he decides who lives and dies. Local incidents of homicides are alarming and out of control; we can take a small step, at least in Wilmington, in honoring God, by reminding ourselves that we do not have the authority to disrupt the purpose for which we were created. "Will harm no one today, no one" should be our motto.

Now, just because the rev didn't specifically make note of abortion in his letter doesn't mean he is pro-choice. However, he is indeed just that -- he believes, as noted on his personal website, that the procedure is "a personal issue."

Hey rev -- you just wrote above that "People are not given the right to harm God's children; only he decides who lives and dies." (BTW, shouldn't "he" be written "He"?) Except for abortion, though, right? In that case, it's OK to let a woman usurp God's decision of about life and death!

Figures. Dr. Lewis is, unfortunately, just another "progressive" hypocrite when it comes to the issue of life.

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