September 07, 2011

How 'bout this?

Just as the Left's and MSM's demands for "more civility" were a bunch of pure horsesh** (they were, in actuality, an attempt to muzzle the Right and Republicans -- here's the latest example of the blatant hypocrisy), so too, are their standards. Case in point:

On Tuesday, The Blaze posted extensive reports on the mass shootings in both Nevada and West Virginia.

Both stories involved elements regarding the U.S. military. In Nevada, of course, many of the victims were in the National Guard. The gunman’s motives, though, are still not entirely clear.

The shooter in West Virginia, who killed five people (and also an unborn fetus) in one home, seemed to voice a variety of grievances including some anger at having been rejected for military service.

Shayne Riggleman’s murderous actions are getting a great deal of media attention; however, few media outlets are including Riggleman’s self-declaration of his Socialist ideology.

That's all really you need to know. Well, actually, if Riggleman's self-professed belief was National Socialism, the MSM, not to mention our "progressive" friends, would be foaming at the mouth to connect him to talk radio, Fox News, conservative blogs, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Ronald Reagan, and of course George W. Bush. It happens all the time.

Of course, Riggleman's girlfriend claims he was bipolar and skipped his meds. This is a huge factor, probably the biggest of course -- a lot bigger deal than any self-professed socialism. Rational people can recognize this.

But the MSM and modern "progressives" are increasingly far from rational. They demand "civility" then act more uncivil than a prison riot. They connect the Right to virtually any act of violence because the perpetrator once wrote the word "Republican" in a high school term paper. They cry "racism" because a Republican politician jokes that he is the "black sheep" of his/her family.

It's. All. They. Have.

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