September 03, 2011

Evidence that racism must not really be a problem anymore

Via Discriminations: If you openly debate affirmative action, or have a TV on which is showing Fox News, you might be racist:

For example, the article mentions a conversation one day after the trial let out with Capt. Paul Washington, a black officer in Engine Company 234, in Brooklyn, and Firefighter John Coombs, president of the Vulcans, the black firefighters organization pressing discrimination claims. The two men, the NYT reported,

... complained of a corrosive obliviousness to race, discernible in acts as unsubtle as dinner-table condemnations of affirmative action and as seemingly innocuous as a recreation-room preference for Fox News.

“Our experience is different,” Captain Washington said. “There’s 50 white guys in a firehouse from the same background — middle-class, Long Island, the kids play soccer together — so, yeah, they’re having a ball. But if you’re the one black guy in the house, maybe you ain’t having so much fun.”

It is this experience of difference that forms the emotional underpinning of the suit. Firefighter Coombs said the city had not only ignored this shared experience, but had moved to combat it only under threat of legal action.

Make sure you understand this: If you openly discuss (condemn) the merits of affirmative action, this is "racist." And yet, how often have we heard about the need to have "frank, honest discussions about race?" What, then, could be more frank than discussing affirmative action? So, y'see, when educrats and/or business "diversity experts" clamor about needing to "talk about race," they're full of sh**. What they really mean is that certain viewpoints must be listened to and accepted without question. And one guess what those "certain viewpoints" are. Hint: they certainly don't include believing that affirmative action ain't a good thing.

As for playing Fox News on the TV, how much more of a mainstream media-driven piece of nonsense can one come up with? Does this then mean whites can file a discrimination suit based on a company/outfit regularly showing MSNBC? CNN? CBS? Or BET?

What a joke.

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We need to file lawsuits against not only MSNBC,CNN,CBS, and BET but also against the hate speech of Maxine Waters and the members of the black caucus in washinton.

Posted by: gypsydan at September 10, 2011 08:54 PM