August 31, 2011

Fun with polls

Actual poll up at idiot Ed Schultz's page: "Do Republicans Care About the Victims of Natural Disasters?" Choices: Yes, No.

Here are some upcoming polls at Ed's site:

  • Am I Too Fat? a) Yes b) No c) Are you f***ing joking?
  • Does Barack Obama Care About America? a) Yes b) No c) Of course -- he's the Second Coming of Christ.
  • Is Rick Perry a Cannibal? a) Yes b) No c) Yes but he only prefers rib meat.
  • Is Chris Matthews Gay? a) Yes b) No c) I think he's transsexual.
  • Do You Miss Keith Olbermann at MSNBC? a) Yes b) No c) Who?
  • Is Al Sharpton an Asset to MSNBC? a) Yes b) No c) You're a cracker.

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