August 27, 2011

More selective outrage

Staying with our local illustrious News Journal, they also have up an editorial blasting ESPN for its decision to show Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick in "whiteface" based on a column by Touré.

And although he (Touré) posed the question: "What if Michael Vick were white?" he specifically asked ESPN magazine not to use that as a headline. Why? Because for Touré, changing Mr. Vick's race would be to fundamentally change the athlete so much as to render him unknowable, as one critic wrote.

Yet ESPN posted a Photoshopped image of a "white" Michael Vick to rack up page hits on its website.

Stop the presses! Such an affront is worthy of a state's largest daily op-ed!!

I wonder -- did the News Journal deem it worthy to note that Touré is a 9/11 Truther? Nope. Of course not. That doesn't fit THE NARRATIVETM.

RELATED: Touré is now an "expert" on how Hurricane Irene is a result of global warming.

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