August 27, 2011

I wonder if the News Journal ran a similar editorial

... during the previous administration:

Presidential vacations are a kind of on-the-job benefit that is rarely scrutinized in the best of economic times.

But these are troubling times of high unemployment, a seesawing stock market and faraway wars and skirmishes that strain the United States' defense resources.

As a result, where, how and when Barack Obama and the first family take time off has generated waves of criticism that borders on the irrational.

Comparisons of when and where Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush spent their days off have sent Internet alarmists into overdrive. At times it seems every minute the Obamas have spent away from the White House is fodder for some sort of conspiracy theory.

U.S. presidents are never off the job.

I don't think they did, if my prodigious Googling was accurate. Such an editorial is expected now, though -- since a liberal Democrat is in the White House.

But consider how many other MSM outlets felt about GW Bush's vacations, usually at his Texas ranch. Here's a sampling:

  • "Bush on track to become the vacation president," Julie Mason headlined in the August 9, 2007, edition of the Houston Chronicle.

  • "Bush has spent more than a year of his presidency" at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. On August 19, 2005, "he broke Ronald Reagan's record of 335 days for America's most vacationed president and went on to take the longest presidential vacation in 36 years," Dale McFeatters wrote August 8, 2006, in a ScrippsNews editorial.

  • "Everyone deserves a vacation. I myself took two weeks off in July," Ann Sullivan wrote August 10, 2006, in The Ithica Journal. "Still, there is a time and place for everything. George Bush is spending at least 10 days in Crawford, clearing brush and riding his bike while the Middle East is in flames and American service men struggle to quell a civil war in Iraq. Even Tony Blair postponed his August vacation to work for a settlement in the Middle East. What kind of a dilettante do we have (when he chooses to be) in the White House?"

  • First, this is his 49th trip to his Crawford, Texas, ranch "since he was elected nearly five years ago." Bush departed after signing the U.S.-Central America Free Trade Agreement into law, the Associated Press's Nedra Pickler wrote July 29, 2005.

  • While the war on terrorism -- that is, the global struggle against violent extremism -- continues in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan, President Bush will keep busy throughout the month of August, beginning on August 4th, when he will "host Colombian President Alvaro Uribe at his ranch" and "spend time outdoors ... at his ranch, doing things like clearing brush and riding his bike." -- San Francisco Chronicle, 2005

  • "You have to wonder whether reality ever comes knocking on George W. Bush's door. If it did, would the president with the unsettling demeanor of a boy king even bother to answer? Mr. Bush is the commander in chief who launched a savage war in Iraq and now spends his days happily riding his bicycle in Texas." --Bob Herbert, New York Times, August 18, 2005

  • "War rages? Why fret? It's August, time for vacation." "If the president wastes energy on things like American soldiers dying for a cause that seems increasingly incomprehensible, then he won't have time for the really important stuff." -- Debra Pickett, Chicago Sun-Times, August 19, 2005

  • "... the president's policy amounts to the belief that if he concentrates really hard -- and stays in shape by regularly doing the Tour de Crawford on his mountain bike -- he'll be able to summon a miracle." -- Eugene Robinson, August 23, 2005, Washington Post


What liberal media?

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"I see nothing" in a german accent..(sargent shultz)

Posted by: cardinals fan at August 27, 2011 08:46 PM

Ignored by our friends on the left is the fact that the White House had set up all of the necessary facilities for President Bush to be able to do his job while at Prairie Chapel Ranch. It was precisely because President Bush went to his own home for his vacations that this was able to be done, while only temporary, mobile facilities can be ready for President Obama when he vacations.

President Bush's ranch also made the job of the Secret Service easier; it was already private, and that made securing the President's location a simpler job, one which inconvenienced a lot fewer people.

Posted by: Dana at August 28, 2011 01:49 PM

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