August 24, 2011

Fun with MSDNC

The dolts at MSDNC really do make it easy, don't they? They're the first to bitch about incivility in political discourse, yet they're always the ones leading the way with the epithets, insults, and infantile jibes. And then there's the riduclously blatant hypocrisy:

  • Ed Schultz rips Glenn Beck for warning that what happened in England (riots) could happen here, yet a couple weeks later warns precisely that, saying we'll see "if the government doesn't offer tax breaks to corporations to return jobs they've outsourced."

  • Rachel Maddow, appearing on David Letterman's show last night, ripped Senator John McCain "for meeting with Libya's Moammar Gaddafi in August 2009" ... yet completely ignored that Barack Obama did precisely the same thing one month prior to McCain's meeting.

  • Lastly, there's idiot Andrea Mitchell, so eager to make a social statement that she ... well, outright lies. In a discussion about Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summitt's Alzheimer's disease, Mitchell stated, "Title IX, you know, was so important as I was growing up" Except that, Mitchell was already 25 years old when the provision was enacted in 1972. Video below:

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