August 18, 2011

It wouldn't matter if there was written, audio, or video proof either

Here we go AGAIN. The Queen of Embellishment, Christine O'Donnell, now claims that she "was close to snagging one of the co-host chairs" of ABC's "The View."

There's just one problem: ABC has no such recollection:

The Joy Behar Show reached out to a rep for "The View", who responded with the following statement: "We have no memory of her and no record or contract nor does Ms. Walters remember meeting her."

Well that's awkward.

When Behar's guest host, E.D. Hill, pointed out the discrepancy to O'Donnell, the former Delaware GOP Senate candidate said “You can check with Bill Geddie we did meet we did have the interview but I guess they just chose to go in a different direction and I was okay with it because I do believe that all opportunities are not good opportunities.”

Let's guess what'll happen if/when Mr. Geddie is contacted. First, notice what COD says -- that they "did meet" and "did have the interview." But that's not what she wrote in her book. There, she pens "The interview with Walters went so well they drew up a proposed contract, but ultimately the job went to Lisa Ling." So, the script, if followed as usual, will have COD claiming "perhaps she 'misremembered' who did the interview" (as if one could not remember an icon like Barbara Walters doing the interview), and/or she'll outright completely ignore the fact of the actual person who did the interview, and just concentrate on the fact that she had an interview. Her handlers will likely follow this latter tact -- just continue to emphasize that COD had an interview; it's not all that important who conducted it, or that ABC claims that no contract was ever drawn up.

And if you continue to question these discrepancies, you're just part of "the state GOP establishment" which has been "out to destroy COD from the start," or you're part of the liberal MSM which has done same.

Which begs, again, why the hell is COD even going on shows like Piers Morgan and Joy Behar when their political bent is so freakin' obvious? The answer, in my opinion, is a calculated one: COD and her handlers are hoping for dust-ups like that which happened on Morgan's show ... in hopes of generating sympathy.

Good luck with that.

And with this post, we inaugurate the new Colossus category "Right-Wing Nuttery."

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