August 17, 2011

Still not ready for prime time

Christine O'Donnell walks off an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan:

Unbelievable. COD is at it again -- why does she even agree to do interviews, then? She got miffed at questions from Delaware radio hosts Dan Gaffney (WGMD) and Rick Jensen (WDEL) during last year's campaign ... and they're conservatives! (Watch her angrily gesture to her "handlers" to "do something" during Jensen's interview of her at about the 11:40 mark. Priceless stuff.)

So, what the f*** did she expect from Piers Morgan, then? Morgan's questions were hardly out of bounds, just like Gaffney's and Jensen's were not out of bounds. COD should know Morgan's political bent (and CNN's, for that matter), so either do the damn interview or don't agree to do it at all. Period.

Your act is now old Christine, and more than just a little pathetic.

UPDATE: Heh -- COD not only ditched Piers Morgan, but earlier that day she also stopped a radio interview with a Salt Lake City station because she didn't like the questions.

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She needs to go away!

Posted by: Digby at August 19, 2011 08:56 PM