August 14, 2011

Probably not living very well, then

Interesting set of e-mails sent to Insty:

Reader Isaac Vavra emails: ďIím a 20 year old who works at a McDonalds and saved up enough money this year to travel throughout South America. I met a kid in San Jose, Costa Rica: He is in his 20′s, he got laid off from his job with Medicare, and is now living down here in Costa Rica. He says he has enough to stay for five years. He is collecting unemployment and just withdraws the money in Costa Rica.Ē Well, thatís one way to ride out the recession. I hear Costa Ricaís nice.

Hmm, if he's in his 20s then he obviously hasn't been in the work force all that long. So, how the hell did he save enough to live in Costa Rica for five years? I can perhaps see it; however, based on my experience, he ain't gonna be living all that great. My guess is about well as, well, someone on welfare here -- at least in the capital San Josť and its surrounding areas. If he's living in rural areas (excluding tourist/beach zones), he'd likely be better off materially, but then again there will be very little around him to take advantage of, socially speaking.

If he's collecting unemployment from here in the US, that'd probably improve his financial lot a bit, but then again, as another Insty reader points out, isn't a requirement for getting unemployment checks that you're looking for a job? Looking for one in Costa Rica, I'm pretty sure, doesn't qualify. So this dude is probably most likely committing a crime -- fraud.

UPDATE: Thanks to Glenn at Insty for linking back! If you're coming from there, just a FYI: I studied and then lived in CR for quite a while, and was married to a tica for 20 years. Search the Colossus archives for some Costa Rica anecdotes, but here are some of my first (and best).

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As a current recipient of California Unemployment payments, I see the tale of collecting California unemployment while living in Costa Rica as plausible. In my case, CalEDD sends me a form every two-weeks, never asking WHERE I was seeking work; although there is space on the back of the form for filling in such info. BTW, CalEDD deposits my unemployment check into a Bank of America Visa Debit account. No need to ever meet face-to-face with someone. No need to check in over the phone with someone (i.e. CalEDD calls me at a _California_ phone number)

Here's a link to a DailyMailUK article about CalWelfare fraud ...

Expect it no different for CalEDD (i.e. unemployment) payments, meaning fraud exists.

Posted by: RM3 Frisker FTN at August 15, 2011 12:59 AM