August 12, 2011

USA Today columnist realizes "the new civility" is a joke

Chuck Raasch informs us of what the Right knew from the start:

Here is an anonymous, "prominent Democratic strategist aligned with the White House" quoted in Politico this past week about Obama's re-election strategy should Mitt Romney win the Republican presidential nomination in 2012:

"Unless things change and Obama can run on accomplishments, he will have to 'kill' Romney."

By "kill," this strategist and others quoted in the Politico piece appear to mean that Obama, unable to win on his record, will have to shred the former Massachusetts governor's character, relentlessly attack him as a soulless shape-shifter, as "weird" in the buzzword of the week for the Obama crowd, to make Romney appear so unseemly and incapable that voters would have no other choice but to choose Obama, the principled one.

No, Chuck, it's not "appear to mean," it is what they mean. But thanks to your profession in large measure (accompanied by the usual large swaths of "progressives"), we've been told that such figurative language is not acceptable. Such politically harsh lingo wasn't a problem though ... until the Left saw an opportunity in the Giffords shooting.

That was the whole reality: The Left and MSM wanted it to be not acceptable for conservatives to use such language. The whole "new civility" thing was a totally "progressive"-contrived bunch of garbage designed to muzzle the Right.

Raasch continues:

The talk of the political tough guy and it is always a guy is often crudely anatomical. "Rip out his liver," "gut him," "take out his heart," and then the endless variations of the things that one man would do to another's testicles, often with tools.

But "kill?" That's breathtaking, even in this hot-air fraternity.

No, it's not, really. Or, rather, would not be if your brethren in the MSM and so-called "progressives" wouldn't perpetually sit in wait, pouncing on any sort of minor slight, or worse, a tragedy like the Giffords shooting, to ostracize conservatives.

The liberal fraternity never wanted a more civil tone. Just like their like-minded cohorts that run American campuses, they really want a clamp down on views different from their own. Period. And if you insist upon dissent, you're to be treated like someone in need of therapy ... or worse -- a criminal.

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