August 11, 2011

Today in Hypocrisy Inc.

White House mouth Jay Carney had a distinctly different outlook when a Republican president was getting out and about among the people a decade ago ... back when Jay was a bigwig for Time magazine:

A Vacationing Bush Works Hard for His Photo-Ops

The image-makers who advise George W. Bush got what they wanted this week: a photograph, taken by the Associated Press and published in seemingly every newspaper in the country, of the President lifting a telephone pole as he "helped maintain" a nature trail in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park.

Back in July, when they were planning what the President should do during his month-long vacation (as part of their effort to persuade the public that he wasn't actually on vacation in the generally accepted sense of what vacation means i.e., having fun and not working), the image-makers hit upon a clever idea. Every week, they decided, they would send the President somewhere outside Texas for a day or a day and a half to hold an event of some kind in which he would mix with "real Americans."

... The President's most glaring weakness is the public's perception that he is pro-business and anti-environment. Given the high marks he's getting for his overall job performance and his deft handling of the stem cell research question, some might even say it's his only weakness. The question now is whether a few photo-ops will fix the problem or just make it worse.

Ah, Jay. Will you wonder similarly that your now-BOSS will fix his much greater problem -- or just make it worse -- with his Midwest "job creation" tour and vacation (again) to Martha's Vineyard? And how about this Obama photo-op, Jay?

The remains of the 30 Americans killed in the recent crash in AFPak returned to the US today, and that return was the occasion for a cynical photo-op that ignored the wishes of both the Pentagon and the fallen warrior's loved ones.

A White House photographer was allowed to take and widely distribute a photo from the ceremony Tuesday, showing President Obama saluting and other officials in attendance. An official White House photo of the saluting was widely distributed and published by the media. It also was posted on the White House website as the "Photo of the Day."

[And] according to the Pentagon, during initial notification of next of kin, 19 of the 30 families said they did not want media coverage.

At the time, The Pentagon was still debating whether to release publicly the names of the Americans who died in the Chinook crash because doing so might endanger families of the SEAL Team 6 troops, because of the Team's involvement in killing Ossma bin-Laden.

The Pentagon's policies, the wishes of the dead heroes' families - none of it mattered to President Obama or the White House in the least. Not when there's an election coming up and a photo-op to be had.

Oh, and gee -- y'think this is a coincidence? Opening October 12, 2012. Uh huh.

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