August 06, 2011

The new Spider-Man (sort of)

Picking up on a post by Ace, I've read with some interest about how Marvel plans to kill off Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Well, not really Spider-Man, but the Spider-Man of the popular (alternate) "Ultimate" universe (on which much of their movie franchise is based).

And Parker's replacement will be a half-black, half-Latino kid.

Some have an issue with this -- not because of the new Spidey's heritage, but because the usual peons in the MSM are highlighting this very facet, complete with silly statements:

Itís not simply about publicity and stirring things up to get people talking (although Marvel surely welcomes those, too). Itís about a black kid in D.C., a Dominican kid in the Bronx or a young Mexicano from California being able to read a comic and come away from it saying, ďI can be Spider-Man.Ē Generations of minority comic-book fans before this day, couldnít say such a thing.

Come on. Marvel's been on the cutting edge of societal change since it exploded on the scene with the Fantastic Four in 1961. And there have been plenty of minority superheroes created by Marvel who have been positive examples and have been quite popular. And how much of a ... conceit is it to claim that a minority kid can't dream of being a [white] superhero? And why would it have to be a white superhero anyway? Why can't it be just a superhero in general? Ridiculous. This is akin to the preposterous "minority kids can only learn with a minority teacher" mantra (which also has no basis in reality).

And for some, the fact that the new Spidey is of mixed racial heritage ain't enough. He might be gay. Sheesh.

Overlooked in all this is the fact that Marvel already has a mixed heritage Spider-Man: Spider-Man 2099. His real name is Miguel O'Hara, a Latino-Irish mix. Miguel's mom's name is Conchata.

Avi Green over at Four Color Media Monitor has more.

Overall, I think this move by Marvel is A-OK. I mean, why not? Their "Ultimate" universe, like their many other alternate realities, exist precisely to create new (and possibly controversial) stories. The folks making the biggest issue of this are the lefties, who are, as always, obsessed by race, ethnicity, sex, and sexual orientation. The rest of us just want good superhero stories, and could care less that characters like War Machine, the Falcon, Luke Cage, Firebird, Living Lightning, Cyborg, and now the new Spider-Man, are minorities. And as a kid, I couldn't have cared less what their color is. I'd just fantasize about having their powers and abilities!

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You forgot my all time favorite, Deathlock.

Posted by: Dan at January 21, 2012 01:51 PM