August 04, 2011

Al Gore tries to be relevant -- again

Big Al advocates for an "Arab Spring"-like revolution in the United States:

“[I] want to focus on one particular suggestion you had about using the wonderful digital tools that are newly available for the reinvigoration of democracy,” Gore said. “Now, they have been around for a while, but they are spreading far and wide and more people are getting involved. We need to have an American spring — you know, the Arab spring. The non-violent part of it isn’t finished yet, but we need to have an American spring, a kind of an American non-violent change where people on the grassroots get involved again. Not the, you know, not in the Tea Party-style.”

Wait -- is the guy who couldn't even win his home state in 2000 actually saying that the Tea Party is violent? Is this the next "narrative" to use against the group now that the "racist" and "terrorist" epithets have petered out?

At any rate, good luck. The Coffee Party (which Gore also mentions) lasted about as long as Mike Damone with Stacy in the pool house. Air America lasted similarly. MSNBC is perpetually in the cellar in cable ratings. Hell, Olbermann's new show on Gore's own network (and on which Gore appeared to make the above statement) has largely bombed.

Once again, libs just don't get it.

All the above (and more) don't make it because 1) libs already have the mainstream media, and 2) libs already have Hollywood and other (big) aspects of popular culture. These right here preclude mass participation in other movements because they already advocate for what groups like the Coffee Party do. And contrariwise (and which libs perpetually fail to grasp), this is the same reason why conservative talk radio and Fox News skyrocketed in popularity and remain so today.

Video at the top link, too.

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