July 27, 2011

Think like a "progressive"

Inspired by a few hardcore "progressive" nuts (including our old pal Perry) over at Common Sense Political Thought, here are a few contemporary "progressive" thought contradictions. It's a list that, indeed, could make for a virtually interminable post. And, granted, many hardcore conservatives also engage in some of these (in a reverse way), especially when it comes to blaming or crediting a president alone for economic conditions, so please keep that in mind if you comment.

  • George W. Bush is solely responsible for the 9/11 attacks after being in office about eight months (even though Bill Clinton could have nabbed Osama bin Laden but refused), yet Barack Obama isn't at all to blame for the economy even though he's been in office two and a half years.

  • Attacks like those perpetrated by Jared Loughner and Anders Breivik should be immediately linked to right-wing Christian conservatives despite contrary evidence (or none at all), whereas completely obvious Muslim acts of terrorism should be downplayed and more thorough investigations are needed.

  • Presidents are solely responsible for economic conditions. The boom of the 1990s was exclusively the work of Bill Clinton, despite a GOP takeover of the House and Senate two years into his eight years as president. This rule doesn't apply, however, when the economy is awful, even if Democrats hold all branches of government. In this case, a GOP filibuster in the Senate is the sole cause of obstructionism and lack of progress.

  • Burning American flags and threatening the president of the United States are free speech, but corporations (or people) giving money to a political candidate of their choice is an "affront to the First Amendment."

  • It's OK to constantly trash conservative women (think Palin, Bachmann among others) as "dumb," "ignorant" and "superficial;" however, the slightest inkling of same towards "progressive" women means you're "sexist," "chauvinistic" and "hateful," and the NOW crew will be all over your case.

  • Rooting against victory in Afghanistan and Iraq is "patriotic" because it's "dissent;" however, dissent against being forced to buy health insurance is "close-minded" and "selfish," and "patriotic" means you want the public to pay higher taxes.

  • Congressmen like Allen West and Joe Wilson are rude, crude people, but representatives like Alan Grayson and Sheila Jackson-Lee are heroes.

Feel free to extend the list in the comments.

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Pretty neat Hube!

You sum up the Orwellian NewSpeak of the Left quite nicely.


Posted by: Rob Miller at August 4, 2011 11:38 PM