July 21, 2011

For the Left, hypocrisy only works one way

... and that is "on the right." The mental pygmies over at the Philly Daily News have a cow over the fact that some conservatives made a big deal about Michelle Obama chowing down on a burger, fries and shake. Why did they whine about this? Because the First Lady is supposedly championing healthy eating, especially for kids. She's the first public figure to make the cover of Better Homes and Gardens, as a result, after all.

The DN writes,

Conservative media ran with the story, of course, charging Obama with rank hypocrisy and continuing their vicious ridicule of her campaign against childhood obesity. The attack has become so bizarre that the rotund Rush Limbaugh has taken to calling the svelte first lady fat.

How dare she conspire to lower our children's blood-sugar levels while increasing their energy and self-esteem?

Only Grade A prime idiocy could turn what used to be a staple of responsible parenting - getting children to eat what's good for them - into a sinister social-engineering plot. It's enough to make us sick to our stomachs.

Notice that the DN completely glosses over precisely why the conservative media harped on the story -- the highlighted "rank hypocrisy." Instead, they preach from on high (like good "progressives") that it doesn't matter -- that Obama's campaign and message are really what's important. Sorry -- that's total bullsh**. Don't dare preach to me about what I should do if you don't do it yourself, pal.

"Progressives" absolutely love to scream "hypocrisy" when, say, conservatives who regularly talk about "family values" get caught having an affair or a nasty divorce. And these "progressives" are right. But you won't see the Daily News writing an editorial titled "GOP senator has an affair - the world ends" now, would we? In such a case, it's not the message that counts, it's the hypocrisy.

"Progressives" love to tell us what to do. They just don't want to have to live by the same standards. "Cut your carbon footprint," they scream. Yet there they are jetting all over creation in private jets, and maintaining several mansions across the country. (Our First Lady just engaged in the former for a campaign event Tuesday.) "We need to pay more taxes" they scream. Yet there they are utilizing every tax break they can find, while at the same time not volunteering to pay any extra tax to Uncle Sam.


You can preach all you wish about whatever -- as long as you walk the walk. The 'ol mantra "Actions speak louder than words" has never died. Except for our current crop of "progressives," perhaps.

(Oh, and Limbaugh has a case about Michelle being fat. The DN calls her "svelte?" Sorry, but her caboose is anything but (pun intended). Check it here and here.)

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"Don't dare preach to me about what I should do if you don't do it yourself, pal"

Exactly. It's typical Leftist "Do as I say not as I do" BS. Lead by example. If you don't you'll be called a hypocrite and rightly so.

Posted by: mike w. at July 21, 2011 10:55 AM

Fen's Law says "Liberals don't really believe all the things they preach about".

Posted by: AJ Lynch at July 21, 2011 05:27 PM

Here is the exact quote from a commenter at Althouse's blog.

"Fen's Law: "The Left doesn't really believe in the things they lecture the rest of us about"

They were never anti-war, they were anti-Bush. Democrats were willing to supplicate themselves to Americas enemies, merely to gain political traction. Traitors all. "

Posted by: AJ Lynch at July 21, 2011 05:30 PM

This is the same logic that allows hollywood stars to lecture me about my carbon footprint while flying about in private jets and living in huge mansions.

Posted by: Duffy at July 22, 2011 09:30 AM