July 06, 2011

Why is he still intervening?

There's a Mexican national who's about to be executed in Texas and The Messiah is intervening ... even though the US Supreme Court said it was up to Congress if the execution was to be thwarted:

In 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the principal judicial body of the United Nations, determined that Leal and some 50 other Mexican Nationals on death row in the United States were entitled to judicial hearings to determine whether there had been a breach of their rights.

After the ruling, then President George W. Bush directed state courts to review the cases. But Texas pushed back, arguing that state courts were not subject to the rulings of an International Court.

In 2008, the issue reached the Supreme Court (Medellin v. Texas -- Hube), which said that Congress would have to pass legislation in order for the ICJ decision to be enforced.

Vermont's Patrick Leahy submitted legislation -- but too late. Only the US Supreme Court or Texas Gov. Rick Perry can halt the execution now. The Messiah's attorney's are asking the former to do just that. Why? "... officials ... do not want to send a message abroad that foreigners in custody have no right to consular notification."

Which I can understand -- to a degree. But our government doesn't do well in the common sense dept. when it cites Iran detaining those three hikers back in 2009 as a reason why we need abide by the initial ICJ ruling. Even though Iran is a party to the relevant Convention, does anyone seriously believe that this major state sponsor of terrorism follows such lawful dictates when it is not even remotely in its interest to do so?

Next, I thought Obama and the Democrats consider illegals who've been here as long as Humberto Leal has (since he was two) to be essentially "Americans" anyway, hence things they push like the DREAM Act. "Progressives" want illegals to be able to get drivers licenses, healthcare, and education, and hell -- our own 14th Amendment to the Constitution already guarantees that, much more often than not, non-citizens are to be afforded the same rights as citizens. So ... why all of a sudden the desire to make Leal out to be Mexican? Could it be that ... election 2012 is right around the corner and "the base" has to be mollified?

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