June 21, 2011

Even in defeat, that pariah of pure blowhardness ...

... still defies us. (Apologies to the Kree Accuser Ronan for the title paraphrase.) Armed with Green Lantern oath, Democrat takes aim at ‘right-wing loons.’ And who is this Democrat? None other than Alan Grayson:

In an email sent today to supporters, the former Congressman attempts to draw a connection between the lukewarm reviews for Warner Bros.’ Green Lantern movie, the famous exchange between Hal Jordan and an African-American man from Green Lantern #76 and … the erosion of middle-class America.

Wait, there’s more: Grayson, who lost his 8th District seat last year to Republican Daniel Webster, recasts the classic scene so that he’s the African-American man, and “right-wing loons” are Hal Jordan.

Click the link above to see the classic panels in question (slam-bang awesome art by Neal Adams). Now, if Grayson isn't loony enough making such a comparison (let alone his lack of "the new civility"), he ends his e-mail by ... quoting the Green Lantern oath:

In brightest day, In blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power: Green Lantern’s Light.

Ye gad.

If anything, his real connection to comic lore may rest with the fact that he looks a lot like a generic Batman villain:

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Not long after he was defeated I saw him on MSNBC, and the host, whichever one it was (I think Olbermann) mentioned something about him running for President. Now that would be a site to see.

Posted by: ThePaganTemple at June 21, 2011 04:53 PM