June 03, 2011

P.C. comes back to bite you in the ass

Such is the case in Seattle where a gay men's softball league has won part of lawsuit that allows them to limit the number of straight players on teams:

A gay softball organization can keep its rule limiting the number of heterosexual players on each team, but allegations by three players who say they were disqualified from a tournament because they weren't gay enough can proceed to trial, a federal judge said.

The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance oversees gay softball leagues in dozens of U.S. cities and runs an annual tournament called the Gay Softball World Series. Three men claim in a lawsuit filed last year that their team's second-place finish in the 2008 tournament in Washington state was nullified because they are bisexual, not gay, and thus their team exceeded the limit of two non-gay players.

U.S. District Judge John Coughenour ruled Tuesday that the organization has a First Amendment right to limit the number of heterosexual players, much as the Boy Scouts have a constitutional right to exclude gays.

I totally agree with the judge that, like the Scouts, this organization has the right to determine its own membership and rules. (Although judges sure can't claim any consistency in this area; consider Casey Martin's case against the PGA.) But you just gotta snicker at the whole "not gay enough" rules that can still be litigated. This league argues that "bisexual" is not gay "enough," yet gays demand to be allowed to "marry" and not just have a "civil union." Barring blacks from restaurants is forbidden because restaurants are a "public accommodation," yet I'd be willing to wager good money that these softball teams play on park land (and highly likely government park land). Doesn't that thus make them "public accommodations?" Let alone, would it acceptable to have a "straight-only" softball league that limits the number of homosexual players -- and/or questions the "straightness" of players if there's any doubt?

RELATED: Planned gay pride picnic in heart of Harlem puts local church leaders in a tizzy.

A planned gay pride picnic in the heart of Harlem has put local church leaders in a tizzy, with one pastor vowing his family won't leave the house on that day.

"If children start to believe it is okay to be gay, they will think it's okay to be a pedophile or have sex with animals," said Dr. Ronald Ferguson, the senior pastor at Antioch Church of God on W. 124th St. "It's a slippery slope."

"This gay pride nonsense is an abomination," Ferguson told the Daily News. "God does not want to see homosexuals in our parks."

"The park is a family area, and the homosexual agenda will do nothing but harm the community," said Pastor Charles Curtis of Mount Olivet Baptist Church.

The church critics complain the event is an attack on family values and a bad example for black youth.

How dare these bigoted homophobes ... oh, wait, I can't say that! They're a minority too!

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