May 29, 2011

Bad news for "Avengers" movie?

Sounds to me like it could turn out like "Spider-Man 3," meaning way too much going on:

[Latino Review] correctly predicted back in March of this year that Loki would be a villain in the team movie, a point proven in the Joss Whedon-directed after-credits scene of Thor. At that same time, they posited that Loki would be the impetus bringing in the rumored Skrulls to the mix. Now, they have another major villain they assure readers will be in the film. See who after the jump, with the obligatory “potential spoilers ahead.”

THANOS, the mad Titan and avatar of Death, says Latino Review, is the next villain to join the mix.

But how would Thanos fit into a story that is presumably already crammed? If you have Loki, the Cosmic Cube, then you bring in Skrulls, and Thanos; all of a sudden you have a 100% Alien movie (remember Asgardians are aliens in this world).

Thanos has a history of major scuffles with Earth's Mightiest Heroes; however, using him as a villain is all you'd need to make a blockbuster film. Remember that "Spidey 3" screwed up by using the Sandman, Green Goblin (2), and Venom which made the film extremely cluttered. (Personally, I would have preferred a fleshed out all-Venom story.) At the end of "Thor," it's obvious that the God of Mischief will play a role in "Avengers;" I was thinking, like Latino Review, that it'd be he who somehow summons the Skrulls to Earth. Then again, I'd read that "The Avengers" would be pretty much following the storyline from the first series of The Ultimates by Mark Millar and Brian Hitch. This would mean that the Skrulls would have to have been screwing around with Earth since Captain America's time; indeed, that is a major plotline of The Ultimates. I still could see Loki mucking around in such matters in an "Avengers" story; however, adding Thanos would be going over the top -- especially since he's pretty much on the same power level with Loki.

Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, briefly
glimpsed in the "Thor" film.

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