May 04, 2011

File under: "Imagine if it was George W. Bush still in charge"

"Bin Laden unarmed when shot" is the [AP] headline in today's News Journal.

Is there any doubt that the usual suspects would be screaming and howling about "shooting someone in cold blood" that presented "no threat" if George W. Bush was still president? Of course not. I guarantee you we'd see/read some or all of the following:

  • George Bush is a war criminal.
  • We should have captured OBL and given him a civilian trial.
  • Were OBL's Miranda Rights read to him?
  • George Bush hates Muslims.
  • George Bush/Dick Cheney's "death squad" is operating like a government within a government.
  • George Bush will lead us to war in Pakistan for violating their sovereignty.

Anything else?

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