April 30, 2011

Love it

Due to the recent plethora of "progressive" labeling of [all] Birthers as "racists" -- which, let's face it, is just the latest extension of so labeling ANY criticism of President Obama -- a Tea Partier came up with the perfect appellation for people who do just that (again, blame "racism" for any criticism of the Commander-in-Chief): Racers.

BREWER: There were people who took that very exact same stand (questioning his birthplace) when George W. Bush was president. They said the exact same words that you're saying about President Bush, and they never demand wait, wait, wait, wait - and they never demanded to see a birth certificate.

KATZ: They didn't say it was race. Everything that comes out of the racers, and they exist - the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Huffington Post", some people at your very network, and you know I enjoy having these conversations with you. They are so focused. Everything is about race. It's not about race. When we talk about Obama and the policies, it's about the awful policies. It's about the inability to bring down debt. Its about the inability to tackle the deficit. And when everybody says, Oh, they're just after this because of race, it is nonsense. It's a way to stop people from having conversation. Political correctness at its worst. If we want to talk about the issues, let's talk about the issues.

Of course, as Noel Sheppard notes at the link above, no one questioned George W. Bush's birthplace and hence, his citizenship. (Amazing, these mental giants the networks have on camera.) Nevertheless, "she was actually making Katz's point for if the same kind of attacks were being lodged against a white president, they can't stem from racism."

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