April 28, 2011

Live by the sword ...

The Donald had better realize that if he wants to play hardball, he'll get his wish:

On Tuesday, Greg Kelly, co-host of Good Day New York, queried Donald Trump about his experience during the Vietnam War. “You were 22 years old in the summer of 1968,” Kelly began. “Somehow, you avoided the draft. I want to know how you avoided it and why.”

“Well, I actually got lucky because I had a very high draft number,” Trump replied. “I was sitting at college, watching. I was going to the Wharton School of Finance. And I was watching as they did the draft numbers and I got a very, very high number and those numbers [they] never got up to.”

The problem is that the first lottery wasn't until December 1, 1969. What did Trump do to avoid the draft for over a year ... until that date?

To me, the answer is pretty obvious.

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Hube - he could be right but just a little blurred with his memory.

I was in the 2nd lottery - held in 1970-71 during my freshman year in college I think. It applied only to those born in 1952.

All guys older than me got their number the year before [in that first lottery ever]. I assume Trump had a 4-year college exemption. And, since he is older than me, he would have gotten his number in that first lottery drawing which may have been in the year after he graduated.

So I suspect he is basically right but he watched the lottery drawing after he had graduated and is fuzzy on that exact time.

Of course, my memory may be a little fuzzy too.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at April 29, 2011 01:04 PM

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