April 27, 2011

Obama gas price myths

Aside from the fact that the MSM has such an ephemeral memory about gas/energy prices now that a Democrat is in the White House, The Foundry takes a gander at The Messiah's top six gas price claims (myths):

  • Speculators Are to Blame. Law of supply and demand doesn't back up this claim.
  • Price Gouging Is to Blame. “Presidents typically stage fraud probes when gas prices spike. Fraud is almost never found.”
  • The Solution Is Alternative Energy. "We simply need to 'invest' more in alternative energy." But the president never says this action will lower gas prices ... because it doesn't.
  • The President Wants Lower Gas Prices. Indeed. We've proved that here a few times already.
  • More Biofuels Will Solve the Problem. "... a few large oil rigs in the Gulf would replace all of the energy produced by biofuels."
  • There Is Nothing President Obama Can Do About Gas Prices. Obama can begin issuing drilling permits immediately and get the EPA off the oil industry's back.

Be sure to read the more in-depth analysis for each myth here.

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