April 24, 2011

"Wrong" is right, in this case

"Wrong" [Ron] Williams is actually right in his News Journal column today regarding Delaware's still-new hands-free cell phone law. He writes,

Whenever I tell myself and colleagues that it can't get any worse on the state's highways, it does. And it's not slowing down one bit, especially the violators of the newest safety measure that outlaws handheld cellphone use and texting while driving.

The other day, I was stopped in heavy traffic on Del. 1. A woman to the left of me had a cellphone planted in her ear. The woman driving on my right had a cigarette in her left hand and the cellphone in her right. The driver behind me had a cellphone to her head and the passenger was feeding her mustard on soft pretzels.

He's totally correct. Here's what I've seen just this past week:

  • Driving back from my girlfriend's earlier this week along route 40, a dude in front of me was going unusually slow and weaving right and left in his lane. I thought he might be drunk. He was texting.
  • I was running yesterday, and while re-entering my neighborhood, a lady turns into the entrance, makes a ridiculously wide U-turn (with me halting my run awaiting to see just WTF she was doing), and heads back out. Cell phone in her right hand/ear.
  • On my way to work this past Weds. I made a note to count all those on cell phones in my scant 8-minute commute. I counted four.

I used to blame the state for not advertising the law well enough on our roadways. That still may be the case; although on I-95 signs now clearly denote the new law, I've seen little in the way of advertising on state routes. And, ya'd think with the state's financial woes, the cops'd be out there writing tickets en masse, eh?

FWIW, I think the hands-free cell law is stupid; if you wanna go after people for reckless driving then do just that. But there are plenty of folks who drive just fine while talking on a cell. However, texting certainly is a different animal, and I support that law wholeheartedly. Texting while driving is just crackers.

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unintended consequence (just a huch) would be that now more people are texting while driving instead of talking on the phone since the phone is obvious, and the text is down low.....just a guess.....still think it is a ridiculous law that needs to be abolished....pure gov't intrusion.

Posted by: cardinals fan at April 24, 2011 12:04 PM