April 23, 2011

Earth Day instead of Easter?

Some Catholics are concerned with what they see as an attempt by environmentalists to hijack Easter for their own Earth Day purposes.

In a letter dated April 1 to churches across the country, the environmentalist group Earth Day Network encourages priests to remember Earth Day Sunday, even though Easter is that same Sunday.

“This year we again invite you to celebrate Earth Day Sunday and share with your parishioners a story of creation care that will impart to them the importance of protecting a nurturing the planet that was provided to us,” the letter reads. “Earth Day Sunday is a great way to bring your parish together through community building and sharing the faith with those in the community while improving the world around us.”

From The Daily Caller.

Now, the letter was dated April 1st, so maybe it's all a joke, but given environmentalists known lack of a sense of humor, I doubt it.

I would just suggest that if your pastor would rather talk about Earth Day than Earth, you might want to find a new church.

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