April 22, 2011

Make us citizens ... or else!

We saw yesterday how idiot liberals will stretch guilty by association to the Nth degree to politically assassinated an opponent; btu what happens when an idiot liberal actually makes threats of physical violence?

Juan Jose Gutierrez, the president of an immigration activist group called Vamos Unidos, predicts that hundreds of thousands of people will march in Los Angeles on May Day, demanding legalization for illegal immigrants. In an appearance Sunday on the Univision program "Al Punto", Gutierrez said that legalization is the only way out of the current policy stalemate. Expressing alarm that federal authorities have deported more than 800,000 illegal immigrants during the Obama administration, he warned that unless Congress passes immigration reform, mounting frustrations with enforcement of immigration laws could lead to violence. Here is an excerpt from his comments:

What is the country going to do? When are they going to start arresting not 800,000 all of us? When are they going to declare war on us? When will there be a civil war in this country? Is that what the country wants? Is that what the president wants? Is that what the leaders in Congress want? That there be conflicts like we had in the sixties, where the violence explodes? Because our people it has to be said clearly can't take any more.

Now, first, imagine if someone from the Minutemen had made a statement like that, warning of violence if the government doesn't seal the border with Mexico because American citizens have had enough. The usual suspects in the MSM would do their usual schtick, decrying the "lack of civility" and branding the Minutemen and anyone remotely associated with them as "racists." But Gutierrez's warning won't be met with shock and horror by the usual "progressive" swill and MSM; indeed, if his minions do resort to violence because they don't get what they believe the government should do for them (ironically, it's not even their government!), any violent response to their violence is what will be criticized. We'll hear countless anecdotes of family hardship endured by [illegal] Mexican immigrants and about "the lack of political will" to "do something" about their plight.

That these immigrants illegally entered our country doesn't matter. That American border towns are subject to crime and violence doesn't matter. That illegal immigration costs border state governments countless millions of dollars doesn't matter. These don't fit ... THE NARRATIVE TM.

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