April 20, 2011

Talk about stretching it

Y'know, the usual MSM bozos whined incessantly that we shouldn't view Barack Obama negatively because he sat in anti-Semitic/anti-American Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years. That we shouldn't connect Barack Obama to unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. That we should just shrug off Obama's hiring of Truther radicals like Van Jones.

But when if you're a fan of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged? Careful -- you may have terrorist tendencies:

In a segment about Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposal to reduce the deficit, which includes simplifying the tax code and eliminating deductions to lower overall rates, [reporter David Cay] Johnston called in to question Ryan’s legitimacy, as he’s a fan of Ayn Rand. And according to Johnston, in Rand’s book, “The Fountainhead,” the fictional character Howard Roark blows up a building, and that means people should evaluate the possibility Ryan is a proponent of blowing up buildings.

“You know, Congressman Ryan requires his staff to read Ayn Rand, whose fictional hero, Howard Roark, is a man who blew up a building because it wasn’t built exactly to his specifications as the architect,” Johnston said. “I mean, that’s the kind of society we want where our leaders say, not only are we taking from the sick and poor but we’re going to hold out as a model people who commit felonies like blowing up buildings. We really need to dig into understanding the kind of people who would put forth these ideas.”

Except that, Ryan requires his staff to read Atlas Shrugged, not The Fountainhead, Mr. Johnston. And you won a freakin' Pulitzer Prize for beat reporting? Did "beat" in that case mean "worn out" or "exhausted"?

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