April 14, 2011

Hypocrisy Inc.

Resource Generation is "a national nonprofit organization that supports and challenges young, progressive people with wealth to leverage their privilege and resources for social change."

“Our current tax system perpetuates inequality,” states Elspeth Gilmore. “Wealthy people can really change that narrative.”

Resource Generation recently teamed up with another nonprofit that organizes affluent activists, Wealth for the Common Good, to form a Progressive Tax Campaign. They will be organizing and advocating a change in the policy, laws and perceptions of our tax system. Specifically, the campaign aims to draw attention to the social services that taxing the wealthy could fund, and advocates higher tax bracket rates for top income earners, as well as higher taxes on investment income.

It’s a concentration Resource Generation thinks could have a big impact, even if it focuses on the mundane world of taxes. “It’s definitely not sexy,” Gilmore admits. “There’s a lot of myths around it, and it takes education and time to understand. But it gets right to the root of inequality and wealth disparity.” (Link.)

Check it -- these rich cretins created a TAX-EXEMPT organization (that's what a "non-profit" is) in order ... to lobby for the wealthy to pay more taxes!!

You just can't make this stuff up, folks.

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