April 10, 2011

A tale of two price rises

Anyone remember just a few years ago when gas prices approached $4.00 per gallon? The mainscream media was yelling and hollering on a daily basis (hourly, actually) about what President Bush was going to do about it. And, there was usual innuendo about how Bush actually liked the price hike because it benefited him and his oil company "buddies."

You hear much MSM yammering now? Hell no. And what has been Barack Obama's reaction to the ever-rising gas price hike? He tells Brazil that we'll support their new drilling efforts so we can be a customer! Worse, he mocks average Americans when they ask about these insane prices -- telling them to "think about a trade-in" for a better MPG automobile if they don't like gas prices!

If the MSM was as conspiracy-minded as they were with George W. Bush, they might ponder that Obama wants gas prices to continue to hike. After all, there is evidence to support just that.

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And, of course, the problems under Bush wee the result of things out of his control, including two major hurricanes that hit the oil producing areas of the Gulf of Mexico. Bush tried to respond with efforts to open up new areas for drilling and exploration, but was constantly rebuffed by Democrats.

Obama, on the other hand, is seeing a rise in gas prices directly related to his policies -- and actually promised the American people precisely such price increases during his campaign. What's more, he has adopted policies that have directly contributed to the increase -- and the policies he and is fellow Democrats have supported over the last decade have also contributed to the problem. After all, back in 2001 there were calls to increase drilling in untapped reserves in America -- and they were rebuffed by folks like John Kerry as useless gestures because "they won't bring new supply to market for at least another decade". Guess what -- we could use that supply now, a decade later, to alleviate the gas crisis we have NOW.

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