April 05, 2011

If Protack wins the state GOP chairmanship ...

I'm switching to "independent." Tennessee Walker has a post up at DE Politics in reference to a News Journal article about the GOP chair battle, and rightly points out how pathetic a candidate Mike Protack is. For the record, Protack has YET to win an election ... or even a primary. There's nary an office for which he won't run, which begs the question "Why does he keep at it?" What's he after? 'Ya'd think someone would get the message that people aren't buying what he's offering after so many defeats.

For me, it's a matter of believability and character.

As the News Journal and TW note, back when Dave Burris ran the Delaware Politics website, Protack's IP address was traced to several nasty comments on that blog. Protack's reply was that someone must have snatched his wireless signal to post said comments. Uh huh. Then there was the matter of the infamous pink postcards for which Burris made a compelling case that Protack was the originator. Protack threatened to sue Burris; uh huh -- such a suit never materialized. More recently, Protack was caught changing his story about in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants. Protack's response to this was to claim the video "was doctored." Uh huh.

In myriad blog discussions, Protack's replies often display contempt and irritability towards views that challenge his, even when said views are posted in a very civil manner. Is that how you treat people you want to represent??

In my opinion, Protack keeps at it for one reason: Power. Since he hasn't realized no one's buying what he's selling, and based on how he deals with people, it's really the only conclusion I can come to.

Past Protack gems:

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That he is being considered in any serious manner shows you how weak the DEGOP is and will remain for the forseeable future.

They are more concerned with who's in charge than actually winning anything. Frankly if they ever did win they'd be like the dog who caught the car.

Posted by: Duffy at April 5, 2011 05:43 PM


Ugh. If Protack wins, I'd suggest staying an "R" just to thwart whoever he supports in a primary.

Posted by: Miss AO at April 6, 2011 01:37 PM

Protack is not being considered seriously. He will be smoked this month with the usual histrionics and blame everyone but Protack rhetoric. The GOP has a credible adult running in John Sigler.

Posted by: tennessee walker at April 8, 2011 09:43 PM

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