April 01, 2011

Where's the "sensitivity?"

Interesting turn of events in Iowa via Best of the Web:

An anti-terrorism drill based on a fictional scenario involving white supremacists angry over an influx of minorities and illegal immigrants was canceled Friday after officials of the school that was hosting the training exercise said they received threatening phone calls and emails.

You read the rest of the article for various reactions to this; nevertheless, the point in posting this isn't to criticize the school for the drill or even its choice of terrorists (because there are, after all, white supremacist terrorists!). The point is, what if the school made the terrorists Muslims -- or even illegal immigrants themselves? As James Taranto notes,

Is there any doubt that the Council of American-Islamic Relations, the NAACP and other such groups would object? Our surmise is that such scenarios were never even considered because officials have internalized a sensitivity to that kind of stereotyping. Why would anyone be astounded that [groups like] the Minutemen are as sensitive as CAIR or the NAACP?

I do believe that surmise is 100% dead-on.

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