March 29, 2011

Follow up 2: Basketball hoop controversy

The News Journal follows up further on the basketball hoop incident today with some information that wasn't in the original story. For instance,

[State Rep. Bryon] Short said he had been working with the McCaffertys since September, when the family was first warned their basketball hoop was in violation and could be removed by the state.

What does this mean, however? Did Short specifically speak to DelDOT? The police? Did he specifically seek to get no action taken against the McCaffertys until the matter was concretely resolved?


Melissa McCafferty said her family did not install the pole -- it was there when they moved into the home in 2005. She said that according to people in the neighborhood, the pole was there at least as far back as 1995 and it may have been there as far back as the home's construction in 1950.

In a thread over at DE Politics, it was mentioned in the comments that, if this is accurate, it pre-dates the state's Free Space law. And if so, why couldn't the hoops in question "grandfathered" in? (Of course, there have to be certain limitations to such grandfathering ... for instance, how does one prove the actual date of such a pole/hoop? It's not like the deed to a house.)

Previous Colossus coverage on this here and here.

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