March 20, 2011

More fun with "diversity"

Ilya Somin reports over at The Volokh Conspiracy the lunacy that is law school "diversity" rankings:

Larsen ranks schools on the basis of the percentage of students and faculty who are African-American, Hispanic, or Asian, with a bonus if that percentage is significantly higher than the percentage of these groups in the state population. Under this system, most of the schools that get the highest possible rating (“A+”) turn out to be historically black schools where the student body is overwhelmingly black. Ironically, many of these schools are actually not especially diverse if that concept is understood as having a wide range of different groups represented by a “critical mass” in the student body, the theory adopted by the Supreme court in Grutter v. Bollinger as a justification for affirmative action. For example, one of the schools with an A+ rating is Howard University, where the student body is 78% African-American. Why should Howard be considered any more diverse than a school that is 78% white?

Because, as we've noted here at Colossus for years, "diversity," as understood by the Left, is a colossal sham. Leftists twist themselves into literal pretzels attempting to rationalize "diversity," only to laughingly contradict themselves, ultimately.

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